Lawsuits against Pfizer are being filed by a rapidly increasing number of women in the United States due to the drug Lipitor allegedly causing diabetes in some cases. Over 400 lawsuits have been filed within the federal court and it is expected that thousands will join the Lipitor diabetes litigation in the upcoming months. A majority of the lawsuits all claim that Pfizer unsuccessfully researched the popular cholesterol drug and did not include necessary warnings for women about the risk of diabetes.

Although commonly under the title of Lipitor class action lawsuit, each case is separate action. As part of the corresponding litigation, it is expected that the Judge will gather a small group of women affected by the drug to conduct testing on.

The attorneys at JonesBrown Law are here to help the women diagnosed with diabetes following consumption of Lipitor. Pfizer was negligent in leaving out vital information to women and placing their profits as their top priority. Those affected by Lipitor are eligible for financial compensation. Contact Jones Brown Law, PLLC. for a consultation to see if you are eligible for this claim.

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