The prescription drug Xarelto has recently sparked interest in both the medical and legal communities. It is used as a blood thinner in the prevention of blood clots, and is also known as Rivaroxaban. This drug has allegedly caused thousands of individuals to suffer from severe and often deadly bleeding injuries. Today, the injured patients and their families are coming forward to file lawsuits in the Xarelto case.

The complications from the drug have harmed thousands of people, but supposedly despite being aware of the potential risks, the drug manufacturer failed to warn patient. Once the pathological bleeding starts, there is no way for medical professionals to stop the hemorrhaging caused by Xarelto. Many patients would have decided against taking the drug if they knew that medical staff would not be able to save them.

Because the makers of Xarelto allegedly did not warn patients about the risks of the prescription, the US Food and Drug Administration has stepped in. A “black box warning” is the strictest warning placed by the FDA onto the packaging of dangerous prescription medications. The FDA has issued a black box warning for Xarelto, due to the sometimes-fatal effects of the drug. To learn more, visit the FDA’s website and read their report about the blood thinner.

There are so many pending cases against medication companies like Bayer and Janssen that the U.S. Judicial Panel decided to consolidate the lawsuits related to the blood thinner. In the legal system, an “MDL” is a way to combine multiple cases and go to trial as a “multidistrict litigation”. The U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon of the Eastern District of Louisiana will be handling this over time. For now, there are over 400 lawsuits in the MDL, but most expect it to involve thousands of cases.

Xarelto patients who meet the criteria for eligibility can choose to pursue legal compensation. To qualify, patients have to show that their date of use, date of diagnosis, and resulting treatments all comply with the limitations of the lawsuit. Individuals who are unsure if they meet the criteria should talk to an attorney, at Jones Brown who will be able to guide them through the process.

Unfortunately, medications often have unknown adverse effects that could harm the people taking them. The law offices of Jones Brown believe it’s important for our community to be aware of these health risks and also know what to do if they are harmed by prescription drugs.

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