Product Increases Risk of Cancer

Many women undergo surgeries such as a hysterectomy or a myomectomy when fibroids are found in the uterus and need to be removed. During procedure, surgeons make a small incision in the uterus using a tool called a morcellator. In 2014, Johnson and Johnson issued a recall of all power morcellators, after the FDA proved that these morcellators could lead to the spread of uterine cancer.

Apparently, one in 350 women have an undiagnosed case of uterine cancer. When the cancer goes undiagnosed and a hysterectomy or myomectomy is performed, it can increase the risk of spreading the cancer cells to the pelvis and other parts of the body.

Dr. Amy Reed, an anesthesiologist, spoke with the FBI about her specific case. She was strongly against the product after undergoing a hysterectomy with a morcellator. Tests taken after her surgery showed that cancer had spread throughout her abdomen. This is not the first Johnson & Johnson recall case. In 2013, a former prison guard was awarded $8.3 million from a jury in Los Angeles. He claimed that the company marketed a faulty hip implant that was later recalled. This implant caused metal poisoning and other health problems.

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