We had the pleasure to work with two students, Madison Reichert and Taylor Gajan, this summer. They helped us expand our online presence and gave key insight into social media trends. Read about their experiences at the law offices of Jones Brown.


Madison Reichert, Senior at Oklahoma State University

Senior year of college has always seemed like a distant concept, and an experience that would arrive much later in life. However, before I knew it, my final year of college was speeding toward me, like a car flying down the highway. It had no plan of stopping or slowing down, and I was just staring at it like a deer in the headlights. Although graduating college seemed scary and overwhelming, I knew that a summer internship would be a perfect transition from college to the real world. I needed work experience outside the classroom, and confidence to step into the next chapter of my life.

This internship caught my eye because I have always been interested in law, but never wanted to be a lawyer. As a journalism major at Oklahoma State University, I knew this would be a perfect way to practice writing and communication skills, while being exposed to a fascinating field of work.

A day in the life of a law firm intern is not an experience that many people envy.

“But I can think of many reasons to be jealous of my job.”

The phrase, “It’s not what you do, it’s who you’re with,” has never failed me, and holds true to this day. After interviewing for the intern position, I could picture myself working with the marketing team supervisors, Katie and Grace.

On the first day, I met the other intern named Taylor, and we quickly became a dynamic duo. We tackled many different projects, including social media promotion contests, creating content for the website, and writing blogs. Our most successful contest had to do with bagels, of course. We gave away a $25 gift card to Old School Bagel to one of our followers on Facebook. We wrote 5 blog posts covering all areas of the spectrum. The various topics included lululemon, the death penalty and truck tire blowouts. These activities were fun and I learned a lot, but working with Taylor, Katie and Grace was icing on the cake!

At the end of each day, I felt a sense of purpose and accomplishment because Katie and Grace both delegated meaningful tasks to Katie and myself, and encouraged us along the way.

Although the people I worked with played a significant part in my internship, the work itself was enriching. One of my favorite tasks was filming and editing videos for the website. I had a chance to come up with interview questions for each attorney, fiddle with the camera and use editing software to complete the final product.

It’s what I did, what I learned, and who I worked with that made this summer unforgettable. The life of a law firm intern isn’t so bad after all! In fact, I would choose it 10 times out of 10!


Taylor Gajan, Senior at Oklahoma State University

As second semester of my junior year was approaching, I knew it was time to start applying for my first summer internship. I am a Strategic Communications major at Oklahoma State University, with an emphasis in PR, so I was looking for some experience to give my resume a little razzle-dazzle. I saw the application for the Jones Brown digital media marketing internship and to be honest, I was a little hesitant to apply. I knew it was a marketing internship, which would be great for the communications experience, but I knew nothing about law or how a law firm operates. Then I thought to myself, why not apply? I should just go for it because it could be a new adventure.

I’ve never actually been inside of a law firm before, so I was expecting my first day to be silent and serious. Once I met the other intern, Madison, and my supervisors, Katie and Grace,

“I knew our marketing skills could collide and we would all work together as a team unit.”

One of the best parts about interning here is the organization. From day one my supervisor sent us the goals and objectives of what the interns should accomplish by the end of the summer. It included goals for social media, website revamp, lawyer blog posts, questionnaires and a list of helpful website links to get us started.

Madison and I began with managing the social media sites, and we increased the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers by a landslide. I personally enjoyed posting Instagrams at local Tulsa restaurants, and collaborating with Madison about our monthly contest for the business. Our contests featured items such as a $25 gift certificate to Old School Bagel, Driller’s tickets etc… People could enter our competition by simply subscribing to our newsletter or liking our business Facebook page, which was a great way to gain followers and traffic to our social media sites.

With working at a law firm I have gained many new experiences. I extended my awareness about how a law firm operates. I especially liked writing the blog posts for the lawyer blog online because it helped increase my writing skills and let me achieve a better understanding of the law. It also helps that I enjoyed working with everyone at the office. I felt like I could ask anyone for anything, and corresponding with others was easy. Overall, my experience at Jones Brown Law has been a positive one. I have learned so much about law and life and I would definitely recommend being an intern here.

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