Like most people when you are ill or injured you visit the doctor or hospital. You expect to receive top-notch health care and nothing less, but the truth is that many people end up in a worse condition than they were before they arrived. Medical errors kill approximately 200,000 people every year. What’s even more alarming is that a great number of these deaths could have been prevented. Here is a short list of the most reported medical malpractice complaints.

Medical Mistakes Commonly Made 

Medication errors:

Mistakes made when prescribing and administrating affect 1.5 million people every year. These errors can happen in many ways. When you think about it, awful handwriting must be a requirement to be a doctor.. This illegible handwriting, could be misread by a pharmacist or pharmacy staffers. A mix-up in a hospital setting could mean that a medication is administered to the wrong patient or the patient could be misdiagnosed and given a medication that does more harm than good. Dosage is another huge issue. An overdose can cause organ failure and other complications, including death.

Childbirth injuries:

When it comes to childbirths and the child delivery process, doctors have a sworn duty to supervise childbirths, to ensure that both mother and child are healthy and free of complications. When a  complication arises, a licensed and competent doctor should be there to identify the issue and take quick action.

Surgical errors:

Medical operations are often complex, requiring skill and steady hands. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise before, during, and after surgeries. Believe it or not, tools, sponges and even gloves are often left inside patients’ bodies. Organs are punctured and operations are done on the wrong body part.

Anesthesia errors:

Anesthesia is no laughing matter in the medical industry. Errors involving anesthesia are some of the most serious in the medical field, as they can cause brain damage and death. When too much anesthesia is given, defective equipment is used, or the patient’s vital signs are not monitored properly the effects can be devastating to brain function and all too often a patient can slip into a coma or cause death.


The most important thing for your doctor to get right is just what exactly is ailing you. In so many cases, patients suffer because they are not treated for the correct ailment. Missing out on receiving proper treatment from the beginning, patients can suffer serious complications or even death. Of all of the mistakes that can be made, this type of error can be the most difficult to prove in court.  You will need to show that what your doctor did or did not do was not the acceptable standard of care based on what doctors in a similar situations would do if [placed in that same situation.


Jones Brown PLLC

Let Jones Brown Law Help You With You Medical Malpractice Claim

Our firm is proud to represent patients and their families when they’ve suffered serious injuries or death as a result of the actions of medical staff. Such actions are known legally as medical malpractice, or MedMal. MedMal occurs when a member of the medical staff fails to provide adequate and acceptable standards of care, or when they make a preventable medical error. The medical staff that can be held liable does not end with the physicians; it also includes the nurses and technicians.

Examples of medical errors include unreasonable diagnostic errors, surgical and anesthetic errors, and erroneous medication administration. CLICK HERE to fill out and submit a medical malpractice evaluation and let the experienced, and professional attorneys at Jones Brown PLLC help you.


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