How Social Media Posts May Harm Your Car Accident Claim

Social Media

Social Media


When a car wreck or accident enters the court system there are many factors that come in to play. Testimony from witnesses, police reports and even traffic cameras can and are used in court by either side. The constantly expanding role of the Internet in everyday life, social interactions, and  new technologies are starting to be used in court. One element which is becoming increasingly intertwined with personal injury claims is the existence of social media.

After you have been in a car accident and you post pictures or write about what you did that night of your accident, you must remember that the insurance adjuster or the driver of the other car’s attorney may be watching everything that you post. Your pictures, Facebook status updates, twitter posts, and blog posts all in the hopes that your content will contain incriminating information. DO NOT post anything to do with your accident. There is plenty of other people posting pictures of their dinner, the club they are at, or a cat wearing a sombrero and drinking tequila that will take the place of your accident photos.

The experienced and professional personal injury attorneys at Jones Brown Law PLLC., we advise our clients to be very careful about using social media when they are involved in a car accident injury claim. You may think that what you are posting on social media is safe and not detrimental to your case but you never know how another person will twist and turn what you posted to be used against you and in their favor. Check your privacy settings and be sure that any unknown users are blocked and unable from looking at your page, and do not accept any friend requests that you do not know.

Social Media

Social Media

Personal Injury Claims: Be Careful of What You Post On-Line

Photos, and videos of your accident is not the only thing that should be omitted from your social media pages. If you are claiming personal injury and seeking compensation and you are posting pictures of you out and about, at the party, swimming with the family or you out and doing the things that a injured person could not do, your claim could be compromised. If you are involved in a injury case, lay low and stick around the house, try to minimize your appearance on social media, and disable friends from tagging you in their pictures or posts.

Even if you are in a tremendous amount of pain, if a picture shows you out and smiling after your injury, the opposition can use it against you. The picture doesn’t show someone in constant pain because you are an upstanding person and you are trying to deal with it as best you can, but think of this situation and how it could be used against you to claim that you really aren’t hurt as seriously as you say you are.

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