What To Do When Your Hurt On a Job-site In Oklahoma

Worker's Comp

Worker’s Comp


One of the biggest fears shared among society is the fear of becoming injured and unable to work. Unable to provide for our family and loved ones. Unable to put food on the table. This may sound a little dramatic, but in this day and age of people living literally “paycheck to paycheck,” the fear is real, and the danger is real. One misstep, one slip and fall or twisted knee could put you out of commission for days or weeks. For those of us that jockey a desk eight to ten hours a day, it would take a huge injury to keep us from work, but for those who make their living outside, on their feet and by the sweat of their brow, any injury could put their family and future in jeopardy.

Almost everyone at some point their life has heard of workers’ compensation but they do not truly understand it. So just what is workers’ compensation? “Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue their employer for the tort of negligence.” Let me put that in layman terms, if you’re hurt or become sick as a result of your job, you are supposed to be covered for your missed work and recovery by your employer. This is not something that your employer does because they are nice people, they do it because it’s the law. Workers, however, are often confused as to how they should go about getting covered and to what they are entitled. Let’s clear the issue up and get you educated on YOUR rights as a worker in the state of Oklahoma.

What to Do if Your Hurt on the Job in Oklahoma:

Emergency Room

Emergency Room

If you’re hurt while on the job and working in Oklahoma, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury, including medical bills, lost wages and the time you need to undergo rehabilitation and recovery. The laws that cover this are workers’ compensation laws.

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (OWCC) is an agency that is part of the Oklahoma State government. It’s sole purpose is to handle all workers’ comp claims and ensure that employers and employees are in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations concerning this important coverage. aIf you visit the Oklahoma website “https://ok.gov/wcc/” you will see a sections for employer, injured workers, and a section labeled “report fraud.” This is really your one stop shop for all your workers’ compensation needs from forms to alerts and even medical and insurance sections to answer any and all you questions.

First Things First: Inform Your Employer

If you find that you have been injured while on the job and working your first move is to get medical attention immediately. This is very important as it starts a timeline and will allow you to start documenting your injury, medical visits and costs related to your injury. After the doctors office the next thing on your list should be to inform your employer of your injury. Your employer’s human resource department (HR) then might help you begin the process of filing a compensation claim; there will be some forms to fill out in order to report the injury and start the process. You have a time limit to inform your employer, you must inform your employer or your company’s HR department within 30 days of suffering the injury to submit a claim. However, the sooner you inform your employer, the more likely you’ll be to get complete coverage.

Honesty and constant contact with your employer is necessary. Your employer is responsible for submitting the claim forms to the proper government agency or agencies, within the statute of limitations. In Oklahoma, a workers’ compensation claim must be filed within two years after the date of the injury. You can also expect your employer will provide you with a list of approved healthcare providers that you should choose from to seek treatment under your claim. There are exceptions to this rule and they are:

  • If you need emergency treatment, you can go to any physician that is nearby and best-suited to treat your injuries.
  • If your employer fails to provide a list of approved physicians within seven days, you may choose your own.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

No matter how you are feeling about your status or claim it is in your best interest to contact a reputable and professional attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation. For some reason you will find that employers and insurance agencies challenge, fight or deny some or all aspects of a workers’ compensation claim. If this should happen to you don’t panic! This doesn’t mean that you can’t get covered. What it does mean is that you will need someone to fight for you and your rights under the laws of Oklahoma. Do not wait until you have been denied, out of money and your back is against the wall to reach out and contact an attorney.

The professionals at The Law Offices of Jones Brown Law workers’ compensation lawyers know the challenges of workers’ compensation claims. The Jones Brown team will help you make your way through this complex and often confusing process of filing a claim and making sure that you are fully aware of all your rights. The attorneys of Jones Brown Law have the years of experience and know how to get you full coverage for your injuries, thus making sure you and your family are safe and secure.

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Please know that each state has what is called a Statue of Limitations. This is your window of opportunity for pursuing a claim. Once this time has expired, you may be forever barred from pursuing legal action. Our office will not be responsible if your potential claim’s Statue of Limitations has expired.

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