It is so important for you to know that you are hiring a reputable and ethical attorney. Ask questions and do your research before you decide who you want to fight for you and your family. Top results of an internet search may not give you the best attorneys in your area, the search may give you the attorneys with the biggest bankroll to buy ads and make sure that they show up first when doing a search. Check out this story out of Florida about five “reputable” attorneys involved in a personal injury insurance scheme that could land them all in the penitentiary.


According to News Channel 7 in Miami,  Adam Hurtig, 46, Steven Slootsky, 57, Alexander Kapetan, 45, and Mark Spatz, 58, locked in handcuffs had nothing to say to Channel 7 News cameras and reporters as they were escorted by Broward Sheriff officials. 48-year-old Vincent Pravato was the only suspect missing from the line-up. All five attorneys turned themselves into BSO deputies Sept. 6. All five attorneys are accused of patient brokering, which is receiving a kickback or bribe in exchange for referring patients to a healthcare provider.

BSO Detective Kristy Frederick stated to News 7, The personal injury attorneys were exploiting the motor vehicle accident victims, in this case, They were using them to, basically, pad their pockets with money.” Detective Fredrick continued to state, “Within a couple hours, sometimes days, after the motor vehicle accident, these people would receive a call and/or a knock at their door from a solicitor or someone representing the attorney.”  According to police, the solicitors would obtain the accident victims’ information.

One of the alleged solicitors, Mark Eskin works for a tow truck company would not show his face to the News 7 cameras. Other alleged solicitors, Elvira and James Perchitti had a crash investigation company that could obtain victims’ information fast. Arrest reports show that the Perchittis illegally gave the names to Slootsky. The team of attorneys would then give the solicitors cash for their information, at that point the accident victims’ were referred to a medical clinic. Detective Fredrick continued to say “The clinic owner and/or operator would pay the attorney for that client. In our 19-month investigation, the cash kick-back totaled over a half million dollars in cash that was paid to these five attorneys.”

“This is still an ongoing investigation. There are charges pending, and there will be other arrests made in this case,” said Frederick. The multi-agency investigation involved Broward Sheriff Office, Fort Lauderdale Police, attorney general and now the FBI. The solicitors face a list of charges along with the attorneys. All five attorneys have been reported to the Florida Bar Association. All of the doctor’s offices involved in the case have been shut down.

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