What Can a Tulsa Social Security Lawyer Do For Me?

For those who do not know, the Social Security disability process can be exhausting and overwhelming. While hiring a Tulsa Social Security lawyer is not required when trying to get Social Security disability benefits, you may find that doing so will be very beneficial. A Tulsa Social Security lawyer will have the necessary experience needed when dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, as a result, making the process of navigating the SSA’s entire disability process much more manageable for you and your loved ones.

By choosing to hire a Tulsa Social Security lawyer you will have a communicator between yourself and the Social Security Administration. As we stated before, the Social Security disability process is very complex and just the language alone can be a huge obstacle for most people. Your Social Security lawyer will speak the same language as the SSA, communicate on your behalf as well as being the so-called “spokesperson” in the process.

A Tulsa Social Security Lawyer  Will:

Complete an Entire Review of Your Case:

Chances are, you have attempted to navigate the SSA disability process before making the decision to contact and hire a Tulsa Social Security lawyer. No matter how far you are into the process the first thing that your Tulsa Social Security lawyer will do is completely review your information. After doing so, he or she will determine the best approach for moving forward with your claim.  An experienced Tulsa Social Security lawyer will help you to craft a compelling narrative around your case, thus developing a strategy on how your case will be won.

What Does My Tulsa Social Security Lawyer Do?

One of the most common mistakes made by individuals who are applying for Social Security disability benefits is filing an incomplete claim. A vast majority of applicants are denied during the initial stages of the process, and one of the biggest factors is an incomplete application. A Tulsa Social Security lawyer will ensure that you have a complete application as well as all the supporting evidence that you will need.

Collect and Sort Medical Evidence on Your Behalf

The honest truth is that Social Security disability cases are won and lost on medical evidence. After you sign a medical release, an experienced Tulsa Social Security lawyer will help you gather the relevant medical evidence needed for your application. An experienced Tulsa Social Security lawyer will first review your medical records and then he or she will work with you to collect any records that are missing. More importantly, he or she will sort through the hundreds of pages of documents to determine which information is most important. Finally, your Tulsa Social Security Lawyer will work directly with your physician or other healthcare providers to gather supportive opinion statements or letters.

Stay in Communication with the Social Security Administration

The sheer volume of claims that pass through the Social Security office is enormous. Further, the application process is complex, filled with deadlines and various formalities. A Tulsa Social Security lawyer will communicate with the SSA on your behalf.

File Appeals

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), less than 40% of Social Security disability applications are approved at the initial application level. If your case is one that receives an initial denial, you may appeal the decision (you must do so within 60 days). There are several distinct steps in the appeals process, and all must be completed within a certain amount of time. A Tulsa Social Security lawyer can help you navigate the appeals process. Another huge mistake people make is that they don’t appeal or do not appeal in a timely fashion.

Represent you at Disability Hearings

The majority of disability claims are won at the hearing level. If you have been denied disability benefits and you appeal, you will be offered a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Disability hearings are stressful, and preparation is critical. A Social Security attorney will ensure that you are adequately prepared for your hearing. While you will still need to speak for yourself, he or she will represent you at the hearing. Additionally, your lawyer will ask questions of your witnesses, as well as address any expert witnesses, such as vocational experts.


Am I Required to Have a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

While no one is ever required to have an attorney when filing for Social Security disability, your chances for approval dramatically increase when working with one. Some people are skeptical about hiring an attorney, as they may already be struggling financially due to their illness. However, a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer does not get paid unless you win your case, and their fee is set by the state.

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We can help you to determine if you are eligible and help you in what could be a long and difficult process. Here you will find some valuable resources to help you not only to understand the Social Security process better but also to help you assess your situation.

To better understand the Social Security Disability Process, you can read our Social Security Disability Listings or our frequently asked questions. If you want to find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability.

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