Tips to Help Speed Up Your Immigration Process

Let’s face it: the citizenship process can take a while. However you received your green card, chances are that you will need to wait 3-5 years before becoming eligible to apply for American citizenship. Here are some important tips to ensure a smooth and quicker immigration process.

  1. Submit your complete application to USCIS and quickly do the necessarily fingerprinting and testing. If your immigration process is delayed, it may save you time to contact an immigration lawyer instead of waiting and fighting with USCIS customer support. Instead of waiting for a call and endless googling online for resolution, an experienced attorney can uncover the issues with any possible delays and resolve them thus saving you time.
  2. Do not fill out the paperwork all by yourself. One of the biggest reasons for delays is mistakes in your immigration application. One small error could result in months of waiting before the error can be finally corrected and filed. If you made an error, USCIS will return your application and you or a loved one will need to correct the mistakes found and re-apply. There have even been some unfortunate individuals who used outdated paperwork and discovered they must start over again. Save yourself the time and frustration and hire an experienced attorney who can proofread and edit your application form. If you do decide to go ahead and fill out the application on your own, please read and re-read the instructions from USCIS regarding your paperwork
  3. Hire an attorney. We understand that many individuals want to save as much money as possible since the entire immigration process isn’t cheap. However, we highly recommend hiring an experienced immigration lawyer who can ensure a smooth and easy process for you and your loved ones. An attorney will know the latest changes in policies and be able to convert your application to whatever new regulation requires. Your attorney will also be able to track your application in the system. The reality is hiring a good attorney is an investment for your future. Don’t take the risks of delays and at least hire one for the paperwork process. 
  4. If there is a real emergency, you may be able to request the immigration authorities to consider expediting the process. According to USCIS website, these emergencies include severe financial loss to company or person, medical emergency, humanitarian reasons, a nonprofit organization whose request is in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States, Department of Defense or national interest, USCIS error and a compelling interest of USCIS. Above all else, please make sure to obtain and present documentation proving the emergency to the official overseeing your case.


In the end, student visas and marrying a U.S citizen are two of the quickest means to the immigration process. Also, the skills and education of the individual applying for citizenship can influence the length of time for the immigration process.

We hope this helps!

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