Indiana Family Sues After Duck Boat Accident

duck boat accidentA lawsuit filed on behalf of members of an Indiana family who died in the July 19th Branson Duck Boat accident seeks $100 million in damages, alleging that the tourist boat company failed to put passengers’ safety first.

Branson Duck Boat Accident Lawsuit

Nine members of an Indiana family drowned in the catastrophic Duck Boat accident, which had a total of 17 fatalities. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the estates of Ervin Coleman, 76, and Maxwell Ly, 2, accuses the Duck Boat industry of “willful ignorance” and refers to the boats as “death traps.”

The lawsuit alleges that workers violated company policies by continuing to operate the Duck Boat in spite of severe weather warnings and that the captain of the boat broke protocol by not telling passengers to put on life jackets.

A 2017 inspection of two dozen Duck Boats is also cited by the lawsuit, which warned Ripley Entertainment, one of the defendants named in the lawsuit, that the boats’ engines were susceptible to failure in the case of severe weather.

Previous Duck Boat Accidents

boating accidentsThe lawsuit also alleges that the defendants failed to heed warnings issued in 2000 by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB issued the warnings following a deadly 1999 accident in Arkansas that killed 13 and urged companies to update the vehicles to ensure that they would remain floating in bad weather.

Robert McDowell, president of Ride the Ducks Branson at the time of those warnings, is also accused of designing said duck boats without any engineering training. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence, product liability, wrongful death, outrageous conduct, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.

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