Police Won’t Press Charges in ‘Stand Your Ground’ Shooting

stand your ground shootingClearwater, FL – A gunman who shot and killed a man in a Florida parking lot last week will not face charges due to the state’s “stand your ground” law. The controversial Florida law states that a person has the right to shoot if they feel threatened. The victim’s girlfriend claims that the shooter provoked the situation.

Victim’s Girlfriend Describes Shooting

Britany Jacobs and her 5-year-old son witnessed as Michael Drejka shot Jacobs’ boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, to death in a convenience store parking lot in Clearwater, Florida. Earlier, Jacobs had been waiting with two of her young children in a parked car while McGlockton entered the store with their 5-year-old son. Jacobs said that Drejka left his parked car and began to yell her for parking in a handicap spot.

stand your ground shootingShe said she began to feel scared and said that a witness entered the store to alert the owner. McGlockton saw what was going on, and came out of the convenience store with the couple’s son. Security footage from the store showed McGlockton approach Drejka and shove him to the ground. Drejka then drew a handgun and shot McGlockton, who retreated into the store and later died from his injuries.

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

Drejka told the authorities that he feared for his life. In accordance with Florida’s “stand your ground” law, the police will not press charges against him. Instead, the case is to be reviewed by the state attorney. If the state attorney does not concur, he may hold a hearing to determine if Drejka was justified in using deadly force or not under the circumstances.

Jacobs alleges that Drejka provoked the incident and “wanted someone to be angry at” and “just wanted someone to fight him.” She said that her boyfriend was merely coming to her defense. The “stand your ground” law gained the public’s attention last year during a hearing for another controversial Florida shooting, in which a former police captain fatally shot a moviegoer over an argument.

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