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construction zone accident attorneyWhen Is the Department of Transportation or Construction Company Responsible?

When you enter a construction zone, you likely have seen the signs to reduce speed or the orange “road work ahead” informing you that a construction zone is approaching. You, as a driver, have a responsibility to take necessary steps to keep construction workers safe. But, did you know that the workers and the companies that they work for have very strict guidelines they must follow to avoid construction zone accidents from occurring?  If you or a loved one has been in a construction zone accident and need help, the always professional construction zone accident attorneys at Jones Brown PLLC are here to help. The following are elements of a construction zone that fall within the Department of Transportation (DOT) and construction companies’ responsibilities:


  • Uneven Pavement: When new roads are being paved, it’s likely that uneven pavement exists. The uneven pavement could pop a tire or cause you to overcorrect or not steer properly. The DOT and construction company are responsible to keep the pavement smooth and drivable.
  • Drop-Offs: In an ideal world, the side of every road would be completely level with the surface that it is next to it. However, drop-offs in pavement exist. If the drop-off is too large, over two inches, accidents are more likely to happen. It is unsafe to have a drop-in pavement or change in pavement height greater than two inches in the travel lane, between travel lanes, or between the travel lane and the shoulder.
  • Unclear Traffic Patterns: When the DOT and construction companies are reworking a road, they often put temporary lines on the road to guide the drivers in that construction zone. If these lines are not clearly marked and old lines are removed, it is easy for drivers to accidentally merge into the wrong lane and cause an accident.
  • Unclear of Unsafe Traffic Control Instructions: When traffic needs to be routed in a construction zone area, you will likely see traffic control signs, barrels, or workers directing vehicles. In the traffic control signs, messages, barrels, or other traffic control devices are not properly or safely positioned, you may be the victim of a car accident that was not your fault.

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stand your ground shootingOur construction zone accident attorneys at Jones Brown PLLC have recovered millions of dollars for accident victims. These financial resources have enabled our clients to obtain needed medical care, rehabilitation services, and cover other losses. In settlement negotiations or in court, Jones Brown PLLC will be your strong advocate, working hard to get results for you.

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