Food Vendor Sued in Marine Lawsuit

E. ColiSan Diego, Calif. – A lawsuit is being filed against the San Diego Marine Corps boot camp food provider after a former recruit fell ill, claiming an E. coli infection led to his discharge.

Former marine recruit Vincent Grano, 19, is suing Sodexo, Inc., who provided food for the boot camp. Grano was one of 30 recruits who were hospitalized for E. coli after eating food prepared by Sodexo employees.


E. Coli Outbreak Leads to Complications

As a result of the E. coli infection, Grano suffered from a complication called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. This lead to seizures and kidney failure, and eventually resulted in Grano’s discharge from the marines.

Sodexo Lawsuit Accuses Company of Violating Regulations

sodexo lawsuitThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that they believe the source of the E. coli outbreak was undercooked ground beef since 62 individuals were infected after eating ground beef provided by Sodexo.

The company is accused of violating both state and local food regulations. Grano is said to be seeking “just compensation” for the events that lead to the end of his career and a “reasonable amount” for damages, including hospital bills.

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