Arlington TX. Police Release Body-cam Footage

From Fatal Shooting of Oshae Terry

Oshea Terry body-camArlington, Texas police released body-camera footage from the fatal shooting of a man who drove away while an officer had his arm inside the window.

Two officers had stopped an SUV to ask about an expired registration about 1:45 p.m. in the 2200 block of Califonia lane. According to police, one of the officers smelled marijuana and went back to the patrol car to run some checks while the other officer stayed near the passenger side of the vehicle.

The officer by the SUV asked the driver, 24-year-old Oshae Terry of Forest Hills to turn the engine off and to roll down the windows. Teyy initially complied, but minutes later began to roll the windows up, according to police.

The officer can be seen in this body-camera video posted sticking his hand in the window and telling Terry to STOP. The driver said something and started to drive away with the officer’s arm still in the window.


The officer who appeared to be standing on the running board of the SUV quickly pulled out his gun and fired, striking Terry. The officer fell to the ground as the SUV kept rolling down the street.

Terry died at a nearby hospital. The officer was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital the same day.

A passenger in the SUV, who was not injured, was detained but later released. Police officials have not released that person’s name.

Officers later found about a pound of marijuana, ecstasy pills, and a .40 caliber handgun in the SUV.

The names of the police officers that were involved have yet to be released, but officials have said that the officer that shot Terry is an eight-year veteran assigned to the patrol division.

It is the first time Arlington police have released body-worn camera footage from an officer-involved shooting.

Terry’s family told WFAA-TV (Channel 8) that the video proves that the officer used excessive force. Police told News 8 that the officer feared for his life.

Attorney Lee Merritt, who is representing Terry’s family, said the officer should have stepped back.

“It’s clear that no one rolled up a window on an officer. The officer clearly wasn’t being dragged. He was holding on to the car,” Merritt told KDFW. “At no point was the officer in any danger for his life or anyone else for that matter.”

At this point the family is planning to pursue civil charges against the department, the station reported.

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