Trucker is Ticketed for Crash That Injured Family of Four

Details have been released on a semi-truck accident that occurred near Knoxville, Tennessee on October 8, 2018. The accident left multiple people injured, one seriously, after a tractor-trailer pinned their vehicle against an interstate barrier.

According to a police report, Mullue Atsebiha, 28, of Sioux Fall,s South Dakota, was driving eastbound on I-40 just when the crash happened. Atsebiha was ticked for making an improper lane change.

According to authorities, Atesbiha stated that he was merging into the far lane from the shoulder when he collided with the rear of an eastbound DFord Pickup driven by Gina Kahn of Knoxville. Krahn told police she was driving straight ahead in the far lane when the semi-truck merged directly into her lane. Krahn was not injured, but the people that were traveling in a 2007 Nissan that was traveling east in the far lane were injured.

The driver, Brett Spiva, 38, of Knoxville told police he was heading straight on the Interstate 40, in the far lane “when (the rig) came over onto him, forcing him into the side wall.” Reports indicate Spiva was traveling directly behind Krahn. A witness reported to Knoxville police that she witnessed the semi-truck cross over multiple lanes of traffic, hitting the Ford pickup and the Nissan.

Brett Spiva, Erica Aldredge-Spiva, 33, and their 2-year-old twins also riding in the Nissan were taken to University of Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.

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