There was an emergency reported Monday afternoon to the Lexington police department in Kentucky. A Krispy Kreme delivery truck was engulfed in flames on the side of the road and the department responded.

After Lexington Police and Fire department had the situation under control, Police officials took the opportunity to not only laugh at themselves but the age-old adage that “police love doughnuts” as well.

The police department took to their social media and wrote there were no injuries in the accident — except for some doughnuts. The box truck happened to be a Krispy Kreme truck. The police department took to Facebook and Twitter, saying “No words,” with photos of the cops in despair over the loss of the doughnuts.

The posts were shared thousands of times with hundreds of comments. Some commenters made wrote about how the doughnuts are really “krispy” now. And, some comments were from other police agencies sympathizing with the officers.


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