NFL drops dementia claims appeal in concussion case

NFL Player PrayingThere have been some recent developments in a landmark concussion case involving the NFL.

The league has dropped its appeal over dementia claims brought forth in a class action suit.

This comes after lawyers for players accused the league of trying to delay payments and re-write $1 billion settlement . The league had originally asked to challenge some dementia diagnoses made by settlement approved doctors.

A U.S. District Judge ordered doctors to justify their findings in contested cases.

“The NFL had projected at that time, basically that they would pay out $400 million in a 10 ear period. That was a projection, some economist told them ‘this is probably what you will pay’, and that’s one of the basis they used to agree to the ultimate settlement,’ explained Wheeling Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons. “Well, it came out that the diagnosis were more frequent and more severe than they envisioned and over the first two years. In two years they paid over $600 million, so they started appealing the diagnosis and decisions. What happened, last week the NFL, sometimes things just don’t seem right and based on that they pulled their appeal.”

Retired players can seek up to $3 million for dementia claims.

The settlement resolves thousands of lawsuits over concussions though a fund designed to last 65 years.

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