Samuel Little

Serial Killer Samuel Little Draws Pictures of Victims. Now the FBI Needs Your Help Identifying Them

The hand-drawn pictures of women that have come from the mind of the confessed serial killer Samuel Little are haunting – especially when you consider that all of the women are dead by Little’s own hands. The FBI has released Little’s drawing with the hope that the women will be identified.

The FBI has released 16 of Little’s portraits, all of them drawn from memory by Little. The bureau said in a statement that they hoped “someone – family member, former neighbor, friend – might recognize the [victims] and provide the crucial clue in helping authorities make an identification.” The agency went on to say the Little’s drawing have “proven to be quite accurate.”

Samuel Little

Investigators were stunned when Little, now 78, began confessing last year to a 35-year career of killing that claimed the lives of 90 women. Little was already serving three sentences for the murder of three Los Angeles women. In May of last year, Little began to share stories of women, many who were drug-addicted prostitutes, all who he claimed to have murdered by strangulation, leaving a trail of bodies that spans the entire U.S.

When all was told, Little’s body count exceeded more than 90 people. 36 of the cases have been confirmed so far by police. This would make Samuel Little one of the United States most prolific serial killers in American history.

Despite Little’s confession, law enforcement is tasked with corroborating and victim identification. Due to the shared traits of drug addiction and prostitution, many of Little’s victims’ deaths went uninvestigated by law enforcement until now. The FBI is hopeful that Little’s portraits of his alleged victims will help them crack some of these cold cases wide open.

In a statement to CNN, the FBI stated:

“We want to give these women their names back and their family some long-awaited answers. It’s the least we can do.”

You can visit the FBI’s website to see more information about Little’s portraits of alleged victims, including where and when each may have been killed.

The FBI has urged anyone with information about any of the portraits and or alleged victims to contact their Violent Criminal Apprehension Program at (800) 634.4097.

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