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An Oklahoma man is demanding answers after he said a man driving uninsured and without a license hit his car but is not facing any major repercussions.

Antonio Vasquez-Romero was driving to work last week when he claims that a man driving eastbound along I-44 slammed into his car.

“I can’t get on the highway now. I’m just so scared. I don’t like driving period now,” Vasquez told News 4.

A few physical pains aside, Vasquez-Romero said that he considers himself rather lucky. Vasquez-Romero’s new car however not so lucky. The repairs are going to cost him approximately $3,000 to fix and, right now, he must pay for it out of pocket.

“The driver did not have insurance with him, so he called his wife and gave a policy number over the phone then, after I was discharged from the hospital, I proceeded to call. They said their policy was inactive,” he said. “Since then, I’ve researched and saw that his driver’s license is in fact suspended and, at the time, he has an active warrant. I mean, I’m scared, you know?”

Vasquez-Romero told News 4 that he was told by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper that the involved driver would be cited for an improper lane change but he wants to know why more was not done.

“I just don’t feel like the officer did his job,” he said. “If it happened to me, it’s going to happen to someone else and they’re going to be in the same situation I’m in.”

News 4 reached out to the OHP for comment on Monday morning. The OHPP has not received a formal complaint regarding the incident, according to the Department of Public Safety. However, after the OHP was made aware of the complaint after News 4’s complaint, they were told that they would start investigating.

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