All people have secrets, but for one Missouri man, the secrets that his mother held are chilling – it seems that she had been storing a deceased infant in the family’s freezer for close to 40 years.

Adam Smith remembers seeing a cardboard box in his mother Barbara’s freezer his entire life, but simply assumed it was a wedding cake topper, he told NBC affiliate KSDK.

“I’ve asked her several times. It was either a no-no conversation, or she blew me off,” he recalled.

Barbara had lived in the same St. Louis apartment for 20 years when she lost her battle against lung cancer on July 21 and passed away. Smith made a horrifying and perplexing discovery when he started to go through his mother’s things.

“I pulled [the box] out and … I grabbed this knife and I just cut through the plastic and opened it up,” he told KSDK. “And that’s when I found a frozen baby in there.”

That’s right, the 37-year-old Smith claimed that the “mummified” infant that he found was wrapped in a pink fleece blanket, with its skin still intact.

“I just freaked out. I put it back into the box and I called police right away,” Smith told KSDK.

A spokesperson from the St. Louis police department has confirmed that an investigation is ongoing, and is being treated as a “suspicious death” pending an autopsy.

Smith has been rattled to his core following the discovery in his mothers’ freezer, and this has led him to find out more about his mother Barbara, including the fact that she had once given birth to twins, one of whom was stillborn.

“I’m finding out my mom wasn’t who I thought she was,” Smith said.

Smith’s 45-year-old sister, who has speculated that his mother’s secrecy about the matter may suggest that she was allegedly responsible for the baby’s death in some manner.

“Even as she was on her deathbed, she never told me what was in that box,” he said. “That’s what makes me think maybe she did something to this baby and didn’t want to tell anyone because she was afraid she would get in trouble.”

Although he has no real relationship with his father, Smith told the Post-Dispatch that he reached out to him via social media in order to inform him of the discovery, only to be told that his father recalled Barbara being pregnant on their first date, and then not pregnant the next time he saw her.

Smith also remembered a moment from his childhood in which Barbara lamented the death of her oldest child, a girl named Jennifer, on what would have been her 21st birthday.

“Finding this, I’m more confused, angry, and I just want to find closure,” he told KSDK. “I want to know more answers.”

The post-Dispatch reports that Smith was questioned by law enforcement for two hours and supplied them with a DNA Sample. ‘

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