Oklahoma Democrat Seeks to Reject Upcoming Open Carry Law

A state lawmaker in Oklahoma City is challenging, by way of seeking a public vote, on whether to reject the open carry law about to be effect on November 1, 2019.

State Representative Jason Lowe filed a petition that targets the first bill signed by then, newly-elected Governor Kevin Stitt last session that will take effect November 1st, 2019.

Rep. Lowe has stated that he feels that this bill is not only a bad idea but a bad practice for the state of Oklahoma. Following the active shooter and mass shootings that took place recently in Texas and Ohio that left 30 people dead motivated Lowe to launch the petition.

There is a deadline in place that supporters of the petition are facing as they will need to get 60,000 signatures before the end of the month in order to get the question on the ballot in 2020.

The bill dubbed “constitutional carry” would allow most Oklahoma residents 21 years of age and older to carry a concealed or unconcealed firearms without a license. There are some exceptions to the new rules or lack thereof – anyone who is in the country illegally or has been convicted of certain crimes would not be allowed to “open carry,” and firearms would not be allowed in certain locations, including public buildings, schools, professional sporting events, casinos, and bars.

At this moment in time, those wishing to carry a firearm in public must apply for a conceal and carry license from the state of Oklahoma, and that process does include a background check and the completion of a training course.

A similar bill was vetoed by former Gov. of Oklahoma Mary Fallin despite opposition from law enforcement and lathe business community.

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