To say that we live in somewhat scary times is an understatement. Take the story of Kawane Jones of Chicago.

Kawane is lucky to be alive after being shot 17 times after an argument over a parking space went terribly wrong last month. Kawane was released from the hospital a few days ago and she and her family said they finally received the miracle that they had been praying for. Now, Jones along with her family want the person that shot her put behind bars.

“I cry a lot at night when the kids are sleeping and I ask God to heal me,” Jones said to WWSB.

Jones has endured 14 surgeries since the July shooting. Bullets tore their way through her major organs and limbs. The damage was so extensive to her arm, that it had to be rebuilt.

“The bones were shattered,” she said

Every day, Jones wears a device that she said: “sucks up, like the gun  powder, any infection, and bacteria.”

The mother of four parked her car on the street when a man that lives down the street demanded that she move her car immediately.

“Before I could even put my key in the ignition, he was coming down them stairs with the gun in his hand,” Jones said to WWSB. “Then when I saw the fire sparks coming from it, it was like, ‘Oh, my God! He’s shooting me! He’s actually shooting me!”

Jones was able to pick the man that allegedly short her form a police lineup. She is hopeful that Chicago police will be able to locate him soon.

“There’s always consequences for your actions and I want him to take responsibility for what he’s done to me,” Jones said to WWSB.

Jones is a church evangelist at Mount Calvary Baptist Church. She said divine intervention is the reason that she suddenly woke from a coma that she had been in for five days following the shooting.

“Angels told me don’t look back. So, as I went to that light, it’s like He brought me back to life. I was back into the world,” according to Jones. “I think God has me here for a purpose, for a reason. He wants me to let everybody and tell everybody what God has done for me, so they can believe in Him. He’s real.”

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