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Pioglitazone (marketed as Actos, Actoplus Met, Actoplus Met XR, and Duetact) has been prescribed as an oral diabetes medication for people with Type II diabetes since its’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1999. However, the medication did not become popular until 2008.

Actos is successful in regulating diabetes and even helps increase your levels of good cholesterol (HDL-C) within your body. Therefore, it was largely prescribed worldwide. It is unknown how many people took this medication over the years that is why we are trying to reach out to them with the following information. Actos has allegedly been proven to cause bladder cancer.

For 10 years, the FDA had been researching the drugs’ potential for causing bladder cancer in patients who had been taking the drug for more than a year. They did not post an ongoing safety review on their website until September of 2010. And it wasn’t until August of 2011 when the update of the medication label took place. The FDA has specific reports regarding this issue.

During the FDA’s study, they found the patients, risk of obtaining bladder cancer increased from 30% after one year of usage to up to 83% after two years of usage. These results prompted recalls in France and Germany.

While in America, they were only required to add this risk as a warning on the label. How many people read the warnings or even take them seriously? Most people trust the FDA to protect them from unsafe medications. They assume that they would take dangerous medications, like Actos, off of the market.

Thousands of people have filed lawsuits against Takeda (the maker of Actos) at this time. In addition, others also are suing Eli Lilly and Co. because they marketed the drug for several years as safe to use. So many, in fact, that these individual lawsuits have now been consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL).

This means that unlike a class-action lawsuit an MDL allows the plaintiffs to have the same flexibility that comes with individual lawsuits. Plaintiffs will file individual lawsuits which outline their specific medical problems.

This specific MDL was created in Louisiana where these lawsuits will be combined in multiple federal courts which will allow attorneys to work on pretrial motions as a group. Once this is completed, each case will be heard separately before a judge and jury allowing each case to be decided on individual circumstances. The award will then be given to the individual plaintiff.

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