Birth Defect Lawsuits

Seven percent of newborn babies are born with birth defects every year. A birth defect is when a baby is born and has complications that were caused by delivery. These defects could be caused by medical malpractice or consumption of a drug the mother was prescribed during pregnancy. It’s the doctor’s responsibility to recognize and assess injuries that can occur during prenatal care, and the pharmacist’s duty to warn you of the side effects of the drugs you are prescribed.

When it comes to birth defects, it’s crucial to remember that birth defects can be due to drug consumption, smoking, or alcohol use by the mother during pregnancy. Make sure you haven’t participated in any of these factors before calling an attorney. It’s also important to keep in mind that birth defects are often of unknown origin.

We understand this is a difficult situation, and we will be with you to help you the entire way. With our legal expertise, we will give you honest, legal advice, about your options for legal recourse.

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