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EEOC Age Discrimination Suit Against New Mexico Corrections Department Yields $700,000 Settlement

The State of New Mexico, Corrections Department (NMCD), the state agency that operates correctional facilities throughout New Mexico, will pay $700,000 and furnish other relief to settle an age discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced. According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, NMCD discriminated against several employees by denying them promotions and job assignments as well as in other terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of their ages, over 40. The EEOC’s lawsuit further charged that NMCD...
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Actors and Film Companies Ban Georgia After Abortion Law Signed

The fallout over Georgia’s controversial abortion law continues as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and the heads of three production companies are saying that they will no longer film in the Peach State. Christine Vachon, chief executive officer of Killer Films; David Simon, creator of “The Wire” and “The Deuce” who heads Blown Deadline Productions; and Mark Duplass of Duplass Brothers Productions have come out in strong opposition to a newly signed law that would ban abortions in Georgia if a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp...
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Ohio Doctor Faces 25 Counts of Murder for Ordering Excessive Amounts of Fentanyl

Former Ohio Doctor William Husel Faces 25 Counts of Murder for Ordering Excessive Amounts of Fentanyl William Husel, a former Mount Carmel doctor, was charged in the deaths of 25 patients in one of the biggest murder cases in Ohio history. Husel turned himself into Columbus this morning after a six-month criminal investigation concluded that he purposely caused the deaths of dozens of patients by ordering excessive doses of the drug fentanyl over a four-year period. Husel was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury on 25 counts of murder. His bond was set at $1 million by Franklin County...
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Oklahoma Inmates Death From Appendicitis Sparks Federal Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit has been filed against members of the Department of Corrections following the death of an Oklahoma inmate from appendicitis. Christina Smith has filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western Divison of Oklahoma against several members of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections including DOC Director Joe Allbaugh following the death of her son, 21-year-old Joshua England. England was arrested in June of 2017 and charged with fourth-degree arson as well as other charges. The Young man was sentenced to 343 days in prison and was sent to Joseph...
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Jury Awards $6.5 Million After Infant Burned By Hot Coffee

Hadley DeRuyver. 9 months, was with her two brothers and their nanny at the Omni La Costa Resort &Spa. A waiter placed a coffee pot, that was full of hot coffee, at the edge of the table that was within the reach of the infant. When the nine-month-old reached for the coffee pot, the hot coffee spilled onto her causing her to suffer first-, second-, and third-degree burns. The 9-month-old underwent multiple surgeries, including skin grafts, and will require additional procedures as she grows. Now 3, DeRuyver now has permanent scarring. Her medical expenses totaled nearly $441,000....
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Oklahoma Attorney General Takes on Big Pharma and the Opioid Crisis

Mike Hunter, Oklahoma Attorney General, accused drugmakers of a “cynical deceitful multimillion dollar, brainwashing campaign to establish opioid analgesics as the magic drug,” in his opening statements that kicked off a historic trial on Tuesday that will be the first major test in the nation of whether a state can make a pharmaceutical company pay for  the opioid epidemic that has ravaged the U.S.. The trial is expected to lay the groundwork  for other states to hold drugmakers accountable for what Hunter stated to the court “the worst man-made public health crisis in...
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Missouri Abortion

Missouri Governor Signs Bill That Bans Abortions From Eighth Week

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson on Friday signed a bill that bans abortions on or beyond the eighth weeks of pregnancy without exceptions for cases of rape or incest, making it among the most restrictive abortion policies in the nation. Under the law that comes into force Aug. 28, doctors who violate the eight-week cutoff could face five to 15 years in prison. A legal challenge is expected, although it’s unclear when that might occur. The measure includes exceptions for medical emergencies, such as when there is a risk of death or permanent physical injuries to “a major bodily...
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TPD Derrec Shaw

Tulsa Police Release Bodycam Footage of Derrec Shaw Fatal Shooting

On Tuesday, Tulsa Police released body camera footage that shows the officer-involved, fatal shooting of Derrec Shaw, after he shot two people at a south Tulsa strip mall. Tulsa Police officers were on scene at a strip mall located on the 4900 block of South Peoria Ave. on May 10th when dispatch notified the officers that Derrec Shaw, 25, had shot two people at separate locations after he was observed as “acting erratic and strange.” In the officer-worn body camera video, an unidentified officer with the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) can be seen running with his TPD issued...
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Billy Chemirmir

Killer Targeting Elderly Women Now Charged With 11 Texas Murders

A Dallas man that was previously arrested for the death of an 81-year-old woman has been charged with killing at least 11 more elderly women whose jewelry and other valuable he stole, authorities said on Thursday. A spokeswoman for the Dallas County district attorney’s office, Kim Leach, said that 46-year-old Billy Chemirmir was indicted on Tuesday on six more counts of capital murder in the deaths of women ranging in age from 76 to 94. Chemirmir, a Kenyan citizen who was living in the United States illegally, also is charged in nearby Collin County with two counts of attempted...
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Cadesha Michelle Bishop

Las Vegas Woman Charged With Murder After She Shoved an Elderly Man From a Bus [VIDEO]

Las Vegas Police have released shocking surveillance footage that shows a woman violently shoving an elderly male passenger to his death from a public bus. The woman is now facing murder charges in Nevada. Surge Fournier, 74, according to reports was telling an unruly passenger on a Las Vegas bus to be nicer to other passengers after she was heard cursing when he was shoved from behind off of the bus, down three steps. landing head first on the concrete sidewalk. Video shows the 74-year-old being shoved down the steps of the Las Vegas public transit bus and smashing his face on the...
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California Jury Awards Couple $2 Billion in Roundup Weedkiller Cancer Case

Bayer AG was ordered to pay more than $2 billion in damages to a California couple that made that claim that they contracted cancer as of a result of using its Roundup weed killer for more than thirty years. The jury award is the largest in the U.S. this year and the eighth-largest ever in a product-defect claim. This third Roundup court loss comes just two weeks after shareholders disavowed Werner Baumann, C.E.O. for the way that he has handled the $63 billion Monsanto Co. Bayer vowed to challenge Monday’s ruling, calling it “excessive and unjustifiable.” Bayer has defended the safety of...
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: When to Call a Lawyer

When you experience harassing conduct at work, you may have a lot of questions you need to be answered before you decide what, if anything, to do. Was this even sexual harassment (as the law defines it)? How should I respond to the harasser? Should I report the harassment? Are there steps I should take to protect myself against future harassment? What can I do to prevent my employer from retaliating against me for reporting the conduct? These are questions an experienced employment lawyer can answer. What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment is the unwelcome sexual advances, requests...
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Jeep and Dodge Ram Diesel Owners Get $3K in Lawsuit Settlement

Owners of certain Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee equipped with diesel engines will get up to $3,075 in compensation for repairs under a settlement of a class action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler over illegal emissions-cheating software. The roughly $800 million settlement was first announced in January and approved by a federal judge in California last week. The affected vehicles are 2014 to 2016 Ram 1500 pickup trucks and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV’s equipped with 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engines. FCA will update emissions control software, provide an extended warranty covering up to...
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Fastenal Company to Pay $50k for Federal Pay Discrimination Lawsuit

Fastenal Company, a Winona, Minn.-based international industrial and construction supply distributor, will pay $50,000 and furnish significant equitable relief to resolve a federal pay discrimination lawsuit, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced. The EEOC charged that Fastenal paid two female sales support employees lower hourly wages than their male coworkers at its Manchester, Pa., facility, even though the women performed sub­stan­tially equal work. One of the women, who was hired in 2012, trained male coworkers after they were hired, yet received lower...
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AZ Child

Tucson Mom Demands Answers After Child Was Bitten Multiple Times at Daycare

Alicia Martin, a Tuscon AZ mom, is demanding to know what happened to her young daughter while she was attending the Creative Beginnings Preschool. Martin discovered that her daughter had been bitten more than a dozen times while attending the preschool. “It’s stomach-turning. It feels both angry and sad at the same time,” Martin told WKYT. Martin was shocked to find what was on her 15-month-old daughter’s body after a day at Creative Beginnings Preschool. She said she didn’t find the marks, hidden underneath her daughter’s clothes until she was...
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Micheal Cummins

Michael Cummins in Custody After 7 Including a 12-year-old Girl Confirmed Dead in Westmoreland Tennessee

7 Including a 12-year-old Girl Confirmed Dead in Westmoreland Tennessee Seven people, including a 12-year-old girl, were killed in a string of Sumner County homicides that stunned law enforcement and set a close-knit community on edge. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation initially said there were five dead, but continued to find bodies as they scoured two separate crime scenes in a densely wooded pocket of Sumner County near the Kentucky border. An eighth victim was critically injured but survived. Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley said the homicides, which were linked to a...
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Police Investigation

85,000 Cops Who Have Been Investigated for Misconduct in the US

Believe it or not, there have been 85,000 law enforcement officers across the nation that have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past ten years. There are reports of officers that have beaten members of the public, planted evidence, and even used their badges to harass women. These officers have lied, stolen, dealt drugs, drove under the influence, and abused their spouses. True, these men and women are public servants but they did swear an oath to keep communities safe and at the same time they are able to keep these deeds far from the public eye. For the most...
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Party City Lawsuit

Party City Will Pay $155,000 to Settle Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Party City Corporation, a Rockaway, N.J.-based national discount and costume retailer, will pay $155,000 and provide other nationwide and regional relief to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today. The EEOC’s lawsuit, filed in September 2018, charged that Party City violated federal law by failing to hire a qualified employee with a disability at its Nashua, N.H., location after it became aware that she required a job coach as a reasonable accommodation for her disability. According to the...
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Transgender Texas University Freshman Loses Military Scholarship Under Trump’s New Policy

Map Pesqueira said he came to UT to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker and serving in the army. He was awarded a national three-year Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship to help fund his studies. However, Pesqueira is a transgender man, and under President Donald Trump’s new policy banning transgender people from serving in the military, effective last Friday, Pesqueira is not allowed to serve in the military. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense voided his scholarship, Pesqueira said. He may not be able to continue his education at UT because he cannot afford it....
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Oklahoma Predator Prevention Face Law Suit

The two men who operate the Oklahoma Predator Prevention say that their only mission is to keep Oklahoma kids safe but, now, the men are who try and expose sexual predators to the law, are facing the law. NBC made Chris Hanson famous for identifying, then setting up and busting active internet sexual predators that were on the prowl. We saw both professional and blue-collar men show up at a strange house with liquor, drugs, and sex toys in hand ready to meet and engage with a 13-year-old girl. When busted they would cry, beg and plea with Hanson not to “ruin their lives,” by...
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Oklahoma Divorce

Oklahoma Divorce and Hidden Assets

Divorce is complicated when you have all the facts, but it is even more complicated when you do not. Your spouse may have taken care of the finances throughout the marriage, and now you may not feel confident that you know key facts necessary for an equitable divorce. Adding to the confusion, some spouses try to hide assets during divorce proceedings. How can you know whether or not your spouse is honestly presenting you with all of your assets? Hidden Assets People can hide assets in a number of different ways. Here are some of the common ways that your spouse may try to hide assets:...
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Social Security Scam Alert: “We Have Canceled Your Social Security Number”

There is a new scam that you need to be aware of, especially if you have older relatives. The phone rings a lot at Sandra Hampel’s home. Robocalls to her cell phone mostly. No kidding. While we were there she received the 12th and 13th so far and the day was still young. So as you might imagine, she’s long since learned to ignore most and screen all, accepting only familiar numbers and remaining skeptical of the rest. Last week, though, she found a message on her land line’s voicemail. It was different and it began with a threat. “We suspect it is an identity...
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LGBTQ employment law

U.S. Attorney General Orders Investigation into Mistreatment of LGBTQ Employees

William Barr, U.S. Attorney General, said he was ordering Justice Department offices to investigate possible discrimination targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees following an internal gay affinity group complained of low morale. In a letter to the DOJ dated April 4th, Barr said he was “troubled” by the group’s concern, and was directing the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to “investigate and address allegations of discrimination.” Barr also released a formal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement declaring that no department...
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bed bug lawyer

Oklahoma Bed Beg Attorney

Oklahoma Bed Bug Infestation Bed Bug infestations are a legitimate concern in Oklahoma and in many areas in the United States. In fact, the Rogers County Courthouse here in Oklahoma was recently evacuated and closed for two days surrounding an attorney that reportedly had bed bud swarming all over his briefcase and clothes. These infestations could result in the loss of thousands of dollars. Furniture, clothing, and electronics all must be incinerated to dispose of these menacing bugs. Whether you have encountered bed bugs in an apartment, hotel, motel, public facility, or another...
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School Bullying

Did Bullying Lead to the Death of 10-year-old RaNiya Wright in a South Carolina Classroom?

Just two days after 10-year-old RaNiya Wright was so severely injured in a classroom fight she had to be airlifted to a hospital, where the fifth-grader later died, has people asking tough questions. Forest Hills Elementry School in Waterloo, South Carolina saw its parents gather in a library Wednesday evening where the conversation was focused on bullying that is going on at the school. “The school has yet to notify any of the parents except the ones involved that something happened. We all found out on social media,” Forest Hills parent Paige Garris said, according to WCIV. “People on...
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tax consultant

Some People Are Receiving Double Their Tax Return by Mistake

Tax season is here and the refunds are rolling out. If you are expecting your tax refund and you should happen to get double what you are expecting back, don’t plan a spending spree just yet. 66,000 Louisiana resident taxpayers recently discovered they received double their state tax refund. According to WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has accidentally paid double tax refunds to some of its residents totaling almost $26 million. Jacques Berry, a spokesman for the Division of Administration told the CBS-affiliate that the state is the process of trying to recover the money. The...
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UBER lawsuit

UBER to Pay $20 Million to Drivers

It looks as if the long-fought battle in the courts between UBER and its drivers could be coming to an end. The ride-hailing company has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a lawsuit first instigated by drivers nearly six years ago. According to drivers for the company, they are employees of the company and not contractors as UBER sees them, and therefore they should be entitled to expenses and wage protections. UBER’s proposed settlement sees drivers receive a payout for expenses, but will not change their status as independent contractors. The settlement amount is considerably...
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Honda Recall

Honda Recalls Over 1 Million Cars Over Airbags

An airbag inflator made by Takata and used by Honda that was once believed to be safe has now come under fire after a crash and explosion in Maryland injured the driver of a minivan that was made by Honda. This incident in Maryland has forced the auto titan to recall more than 1.1 million vehicles in North and Central America from 2001 to 2016 model years to replace inflators that had not been included in the massive string of Takata recalls for airbags that can hurl shrapnel into the passenger compartment. Takata used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and inflate airbags in a...
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Uninsured Unlicensed Driver Faces No Repercussions After Accident

An Oklahoma man is demanding answers after he said a man driving uninsured and without a license hit his car but is not facing any major repercussions. Antonio Vasquez-Romero was driving to work last week when he claims that a man driving eastbound along I-44 slammed into his car. “I can’t get on the highway now. I’m just so scared. I don’t like driving period now,” Vasquez told News 4. A few physical pains aside, Vasquez-Romero said that he considers himself rather lucky. Vasquez-Romero’s new car however not so lucky. The repairs are going to cost him...
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police flirting

A Cop in Florida Allegedly Used Police Database as a a Dating Service

In June 2018, in Bradenton, Florida, a Gulf Coast community south of Tampa. A couple answered their front door after hearing an officer’s knock and soon realized something strange was happening. Bradenton Police Seargent Leonel Marines was standing at the door and asked if he could speak with the couples adult daughter. Sgt. Marines had momentarily encountered the young woman earlier that day in a parking lot and then followed her home. Now, standing at the parent’s door, Sgt. Marines, 36, said that he needed to speak with the couple’s daughter due to a “domestic...
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IHop to Pay $700,000 in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit

Several franchisees of the popular IHOP restaurant chain in Nevada and New York will pay $700,000 and furnish other relief to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today. The U.S. District Court of Nevada has approved a consent decree filed by the EEOC. According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, IHOP owners, supervisors, managers, and co-workers subjected female employees to ongoing egregious sexual harassment in both Nevada and New York locations. The harassment included groping;...
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Jones Brown Trucking Accident Attorney

Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial Truck Accidents Did you know there are over eleven million trucks operating actively across the United States, many with overworked drivers carrying hazardous materials? In 2016 alone, there were 475,000 large truck accidents with human error accounting for roughly ninety percent of them. And while a Harvard study found that about a quarter of drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel, 50% of professional truck drivers have reported the same issue. With so many drivers relying on highways to get to work every day, it takes just one overworked truck driver for your life to change...
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Federal Jury Awards Family of Inmate Who Died From Heroin Withdrawal $1.6 Million

Earlier this month, seven men and women sitting on a federal jury in San Jose, California unanimously found in favor of Mark Pajas Sr., 56, who died while in custody of the Monterey County Jail on January 20, 2015. The jury found that the county of Monterey did, in fact, violate Pajas’ right to adequate medical care under the United States Constitution when Monterey County Sheriff’s Office deputies failed to adequately monitor Mr. Pajas as he detoxed from heroin, resulting in Pajas’ death within twenty hours of his arrival at the Monterey County Jail in January of 2015....
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Houston Officer Lied to get Search Warrant that Led to Deadly Drug Raid

A January 28 drug raid that left 2 people dead and 5 officers injured is surrounded with questions. An incomplete search warrant led to the drug raid that has left 2 people dead and 5 Houston Police Department officers injured. Officer David Goines, of the Houston Police Department, obtained a search warrant by using an unnamed confidential informant to confirm that drugs were being sold in a Houston home. After the shooting occurred, Goines named informants to investigators. Those informants told authorities that they had worked with the officer “in the past on several narcotics...
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Samuel Little

Serial Killer Samuel Little Draws Pictures of Victims. FBI Needs Help Identifying Them

Serial Killer Samuel Little Draws Pictures of Victims. Now the FBI Needs Your Help Identifying Them The hand-drawn pictures of women that have come from the mind of the confessed serial killer Samuel Little are haunting – especially when you consider that all of the women are dead by Little’s own hands. The FBI has released Little’s drawing with the hope that the women will be identified. The FBI has released 16 of Little’s portraits, all of them drawn from memory by Little. The bureau said in a statement that they hoped “someone – family member, former...
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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Settles Sex Discrimination Suit for $30,000

R Wings R Wild, LLC, doing business as Buffalo Wild Wings, will pay $30,000 to three claimants who were denied jobs in Little Rock, Arkansas and Del City Oklahoma because they are male, as a part of a sex discrimination lawsuit brought down by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced. According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, the company refused to hire males into bartender positions in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Sex discrimination violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of...
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Bound and tied body of woman found in suitcase on roadside

A suitcase found Tuesday along a road in an affluent Connecticut town held horrifying contents – the body of a young woman, hands and feet bound. The woman was between the ages of 18 and 30, according to police, and her death is now the subject of a homicide investigation. According to police, the body was found 10 to 15 feet off the road in a suitcase around 8:15 a.m. by a town worker. Police described the body as being “restrained and constrained.” Crime scene where woman’s body was found in suitcase in Greenwich (Credit: News 12 Connecticut) The body and red suitcase...
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300 Priests accused of abuse by Catholic Church in Texas

For decades the Roman Catholic Church has had to deal with allegations of sexual abuse. One would only need to look as far as the brilliant and terrifying reporting in Boston done by the Spotlight team to know how serious this issue is. In Texas Thursday the Roman Catholic Church identified approximately 300 priests and other church officials accused of sexually abusing children. This announcement by the Church was one of the largest group of names ever disclosed by the Church as it faces United State and federal investigations into the church’s handling of allegations of sexual...
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Houston Fire Department

Five Officers Injured and Two Suspects Dead Following Houston Shooting

Five of Houstons finest were injured and two suspects killed in a Monday afternoon shooting. Three officers remain hospitalized but all the officers are in stable condition according to a statement made by Houston’s Police Cheif Art Acevedo. At approximately 5 p.m. shots rang out on the 7800 block of Harding Street in southeastern Houston. According to Cheif Acevedo, 58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas and 59year-old Dennis Tuttle were killed after they attacked Houston officers as they attempted to serve a warrant. According to Acevedo, Nicholas was shot while trying to take a weapon away...
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EEOC Wins Jury Verdict Against Favorite Farms for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

 A federal jury rendered a verdict on Dec. 19, 2018 awarding $850,000 in compensatory and punitive damages to a female farm-worker at Favorite Farms in Dover, Fla., who was raped by her supervisor and reported it to police and management that same day, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced today. The evidence at trial showed that management at Favorite Farms, which primarily grows strawberries, failed to properly investigate the complaint, and instead sent the victim home from work without pay the next work day. Favorite Farms took no action against the...
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COLA increase 2019

Social Security Benefit Checks Go Up Due to Largest COLA in Years

Not surprisingly, given how much our nation’s elderly lean on the program, there’s no announcement that garners more attention than the annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, during the second week of October. Social Security is easily our nation’s most important social program. According to an analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, it’s keeping more than 22 million people out of poverty each month, including 15 million-plus seniors, many of whom are reliant on their Social Security benefit check in some capacity to make ends meet. In simple...
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Mom challenges the EPA after cancer rates in children explode in Franklin Indiana

In the small country town of Franklin, Indiana, residents are seeing an alarming number in the rate of childhood cancers. Franklin, Indiana, located in Johnson County is a sleepy suburb just south of Indianapolis and was once an industrial center. It is these industrial centers that are believed to be linked to toxic chemicals dumped by the factories that used to be the economic mainstay of the region. Parents in this region are taking the issue of these toxic chemicals with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kari Reinhart is one of the parents looking to the EPA for assistance....
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transgender troops

Supreme Court allows Trump’s military ban on transgenders

The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared POTUS Trump’s administration to start barring transgender persons from serving their country in the armed forces. The justices voted 5-4, put a hold on a lower courts decisions that had previously blocked the administration’s planned ban from taking effect. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan dissented. By allowing the ban to take effect, the court gave Trump’s administration a clear victory and may have tipped their hand that they would ultimately uphold the restrictions. There have been open...
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government shutdown

GoFundMe pages help federal workers during shutdown

The government shutdown continues and there is no clear end in sight. Employees all over the U.S. have turned to odd jobs, food pantries and online fundraising since the shutdown began on December 21, 2018. There are an estimated 800,000 federal employees that are either furloughed or working without pay. Currently, there are approximately 1,800 campaigns to raise money for those affected by the stalemate between Trump and the Dems on the popular website GoFundMe, and according to GoFundMe spokesperson Katherine Cichy, the campaigns have raised close to $400,000 total. The campaigns are...
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NFL Football

NFL drops dementia claims appeal in concussion case

NFL drops dementia claims appeal in concussion case There have been some recent developments in a landmark concussion case involving the NFL. The league has dropped its appeal over dementia claims brought forth in a class action suit. This comes after lawyers for players accused the league of trying to delay payments and re-write $1 billion settlement . The league had originally asked to challenge some dementia diagnoses made by settlement approved doctors. A U.S. District Judge ordered doctors to justify their findings in contested cases. “The NFL had projected at that time,...
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Stupid is stupid does

The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Filed

Patent Infringement Without a Patent The world-famous magician David Copperfield was sued by fellow magician Davis Roller for patent infringement. Mr. Roller alleged that he had patented his seemingly other-worldly powers and that Copperfield had used them without his permission. In fact, Roller had neither applied nor obtained a patent for these so-called powers. Of course, Copperfield’s legal team filed a motion to have the case dismissed due to the fact that Rolled owned no such patents, this brought an amended complaint from Roller. This time Roller alleged that Copperfield and...
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Jayme Closs

Jayme Closs Found Alive and Leads Authorities to Jake Thomas Patterson the Man Accused of Killing Her Parents

Jayme Closs escaped the Wisconsin residence where she had been held captive and now a man arrested on suspicion of killing the teen’s parents and abducting her three months earlier. The teen flagged down a woman who was walking her dog to help authorities have reported. The case of 13-year-old Jayme Closs has inspired 1000’s of tips from the public and numerous searches that paid off when the teen helped herself to freedom Tuesday afternoon. FBI Special Agent Justin Tomomeo told reporters Friday during a press conference in the teen’s hometown of Barron: “In cases...
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Federal Workers Owe $400 Million in Mortgage and Rent This Month

While the Republicans and Democrats argue over POTUS Trump’s wall, many federal workers are finding it hard to make ends meet without a paycheck thanks to the partial government shutdown now in its third week. Unpaid federal workers that consist of 380,000 furloughed employees and 420,000 people working without pay, ow somewhere in the neighborhood of $438 million dollars in mortgage and rent payments for the month of January, according to a report published by Zillow. Zillow senior economist Aaron Tarrazas stated: “Like Americans in the private sector, many federal employees...
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Car Wash

EEOC Sues Carwash That Forced Hispanic Worker to Clean Owners Homes

The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) says the former owner of a carwash near Annapolis used Hispanic workers as personal servants by requiring them to clean his house and then forced them to endure conditions on the job far worse than other employees all the while paying them less money. In a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, the EEOC said complaints about abusive treatment at the hands of David Podrog and Manager Kyle Decker started in 2006. Podrog, Decker and the new owners are all named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit charges that Hispanic employees...
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Amber Michelle Parker

Texas Teacher Amber Michelle Parker, Arrested and Accused of Child Sex Trafficking

Local authorities are reporting a Mexia Junior High School teacher was arrested Wednesday, accused of trying to arrange for men in Morocco to have sex with an underage family member. A joint investigation led by the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office and the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office has ended in the arrest of Amber Michelle Parker, 37, of Fairfield, Texas. The investigation started when family members, concerned about Parker’s intentions with the girl contacted police, according to a statement from Freestone County Sheriff Jeremy Shipley. Freestone deputies...
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stand your ground shooting

Father of Jazmine Barnes Pleads for Help Finding Gunman Who Killed His Daughter

Houston, Texas: A gunman opened fire at a Texas Walmart on a car containing a mother and her three children. As a result, 7 -year-old Jazmine Barnes was killed. Jazmine’s mother told CNN: “I just want anybody, whoever, out there that knows anything about the murder of my daughter, to just please step up as if it was your own,” an emotional Christopher Cevilla told reporters on Monday. “Just put yourself in my shoes, in my family’s shoes.” Jazmine Barnes was shopping at a Houston-area Walmart with her mother and two siblings when gunfire broke out close...
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Lexington KY Police Officers Mourn the Loss of Krispy Kreme Truck

There was an emergency reported Monday afternoon to the Lexington police department in Kentucky. A Krispy Kreme delivery truck was engulfed in flames on the side of the road and the department responded. After Lexington Police and Fire department had the situation under control, Police officials took the opportunity to not only laugh at themselves but the age-old adage that “police love doughnuts” as well. The police department took to their social media and wrote there were no injuries in the accident — except for some doughnuts. The box truck happened to be a Krispy Kreme...
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Steven Avery

Retired Sheriff Sues Netflix Filmmakers for Making a Murder

One of the most talked about docuseries that is on Netflix would have to be “Making a Murderer.” The series now in its second season has bin binged by millions of people all over the world and the madness of the case continues to raise questions and be a source of debate over many a bartop and coffeehouse table. Retired Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Andrew Colburn is suing Netflix and “Making a Murderer” producers for defamation, saying that he has been subject to worldwide ridicule, contempt, and disdain since the release of the series three years...
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Sidni Lucille Spray

Inmate Sindi Lucille Spray, 24, Found Dead at Oklahoma County Jail

Authorities in Oklahoma County say they are investigating a woman’s death after she died at the county jail. On Monday, officials with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office announced that they were investigating the death of 24-year-old Sindi Lucille Spray. Investigators say Spray was arrested in Pottawatomie County for an outstanding warrant out of Oklahoma County. Officials say she was wanted for failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge of offering to engage in prostitution and a felony charge of using access to computers. She was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on Dec. 13. Just...
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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuated After Bomb Threat on 6th Anniversary of Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary was evacuated this morning after receiving a bomb threat. According to the Newtown Police Department, it received a phone call around 9 a.m ET saying that a bomb was at the school. Officers were sent to the school to perform a search just a precaution as none of the officers in the department felt the threat was credible. Police Lt. Aaron Bahamonde said that the school was evacuated as a precaution and the school’s superintendent thought it best to send students and staff home for the day. It has been 6 years to the day since Adam Lanza, 20-years-old, walked...
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Norman Public Schools

Norman Public Schools Says No Money For Bus Crash Victims

Two months have passed since the horrific Texas bus crash that involved a group of Norman elementary school students, and now a battle over medical bills is underway. Jones Brown reported on the bus crash that took place in September involving the Cleveland Elementary 5th Grade field trip to Sea World. While the class was driving through Lampasas, Texas, the bus driver lost control, wrecked and rolled the bus multiple times. There were 25 students and three faculty members on the bus at the time of the accident. According to Norman Public Schools, five students and two faculty members...
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31 million awarded in discrimination case

California Jury Awards $31 Million in Age Discrimination Lawsuit

A 58-year-old Ontario, Calif., woman who has already been awarded $3 million in compensatory damages is now entitled to $28 million more after age discrimination jury in Los Angeles Superior Court determined she faced repeated and pervasive age discrimination from her former employer. The jury decided defendants acted with malice against plaintiff and landed on the figure of $28 million during the punitive stage of the lawsuit. Comments against the plaintiff during her employment with the company allegedly included “We need younger workers here,” “Dumb female,” and “You are outdated.” The...
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Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr.

Autopsy Shows Alabama Police Shot Emantic Bradford in The Back Three Times

We reported earlier on the shooting death of an Alabama man, Emantic Bradford on Thanksgiving at an Alabama mall. According to a forensic examination commissioned by the family, Emantic Bradford was shot three times from behind by police that night. The announcement came by way of a press conference on Monday, and the new information is telling the family and their attorneys that Emantic was running away from the police that night and therefore posed no threat to the officer that shot him. Enmatic Fitzgerald Bradford, 21, was fatally shot in the middle of a chaotic, panic-stricken crowd...
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What Do I Do After A Slip and Fall Accident at a Business?

The holidays are upon us and that means shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Malls, stores, and businesses will be inundated with shoppers, and just as the number of shoppers increases, so does the number of accidents that can and will happen. It’s sad but true: Most people will suffer a slip and fall accident at some point in their lives. Sadder yet: The accident likely won’t even be their fault. Because slip and falls can happen anywhere—and to anybody—it’s important to know what steps to take following an accident. By law, buildings, homes, parking lots, and...
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Blind Couple Sues Walmart Over Self-Checkout Kiosks

Nothing could have surprised a blind couple, Cynthia Morales and her boyfriend Linwood Boyd, when a routine trip to their local Walmart in Owing Mills, Maryland, in 2017,  ended with the police being involved. That is exactly what happened whenever Morales tried to use one of the self-service checkout kiosks located at the retail titan’s Maryland store. The entire premise behind these self-service kiosks that you will find in Walmart locations all over the U.S. is to offer shoppers an alternative to waiting in line for a cashier. The kiosks do offer shoppers some...
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