michigan state university sex abuseThe lawsuit against Michigan State University brought by Larry Nassar sexual abuse victims has been settled. The university has agreed to pay $500 Million to the victims. The amount of $425 million will be paid to the victims now and $75 million will be held in reserve to pay future victims that forward to make claims. Currently there are 332 victims who are part of the lawsuit who will receive compensation. We at the Law Office of Jones Brown want to make sure that victims that have yet to come forward get the compensation that they deserve.

There are more victims out there who have yet to come forward due to fear, embarrassment, and many other reasons. These women who have suffered in silence and have been reluctant to pursue claims now have the opportunity to get a portion of the remaining settlement money.

True, the litigation portion of the Michigan State University lawsuit is over, but to the victims, this case was never about money. It was about hold the university and others accountable who turned a blind eye to the abuse for many years. Unfortunately , the best way to prevent such a travesty from occurring again in the future is to cause financial hurt.

We at Jones Brown know that no amount of money could ever restore what has been lost and taken from hundreds of victims, but it could provide some monetary compensation for the physical and emotional harm that they have suffered for many years . The settlement  funds will also help pay for much needed counseling and therapy for the ongoing psychological damages caused by Dr. Nassar.

Who Can File A Sex Abuse Claim Against Michigan State University?

Any person who was sexually abused by Larry Nassar while he was employed as a sports physician at Michigan State University between 1997 and 2006 can file a settlement claim. Dr. Nassar sexually abused his victims under the false pretense that he was performing legitimate and acceptable medical treatments and examinations. Of course, these perverse acts had no medical benefit to the gymnasts or other patients.

To file a claim, the victim will need to establish that treatment was performed by Larry Nassar and that sexual abuse occurred under the pretense of a medical exam. This can be easily proven by medical records and the testimony of the victim. Corroboration of the abuse by an independent witness, like a parent, is not necessary to file and win a settlement.

Can I Still Get A Settlement If I Am Not Part Of The Current Lawsuit?

Yes. It is well understood that many victims have not yet come forward to join the current lawsuit against Michigan State University. The settlement recognizes this fact and provides for a reserve of $75 million to be used to compensate victims who have not yet come forward or joined the current lawsuit.

How Much Money Will Each Victim Get From The $500 Million Settlement?

The court has appointed a mediator to determine how much money each victim will receive from the settlement. The mediator will examine how each victim was affected by the abuse and consider other factors in recommending individual settlements for each woman.

michigan state university sex abuse caseWhere Will The Michigan State University Settlement Money Come From?

MSU will pay the settlement money from its own funds and will likely then try to recover those funds from its insurance company, who has thus far denied insurance coverage for the lawsuit. The funds will come from tuition and other university assets to pay the victims.

Does The Settlement Include USA Gymnastics And The US Olympic Committee?

No. The $500 million does not include claims made against USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee. It also does not include claims made against coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi, Coach John Geddert, or Twistar. There may be additional settlement funds in the future against those parties available for the victims. Victims treated outside of Michigan State University may also have additional claims to pursue against other entities and persons.

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