NFL Concussions Litigation

NFL Concussions Litigation

The National Football League (NFL) and NFL Properties have agreed to a Settlement which involves retired players who have sued the NFL for neglecting to inform them of the long-term effects of head injuries associated with playing football. However, this Settlement does not hold the NFL responsible for any wrongdoing.

The Settlement Class does not include current NFL players. The Settlement Class also does not include people who tried out for but did not make it onto preseason, regular season or postseason rosters or practice, developmental or taxi squads of the NFL or any Member Clubs.

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NFL Painkiller Overuse and Addiction Litigation

A lawsuit has also been filed accusing NFL teams of illegally dispensing powerful narcotics and other drugs to keep players on the field without regard for their long-term health conditions.

In May 2014, the National Football League (NFL) players filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the NFL, accusing them of illegally supplying the players with dangerous and addictive painkilling and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs allowed them to play through injuries they were uninformed of at the time and resulted in addiction and worsening of the injuries sustained.

These medications were obtained and administered illegally, without warning of their potential side effects, the lawsuit alleges.

These retired NFL Players are asking for Punitive Damages, an immediate end to harmful NFL medical practices, and a testing and monitoring program to help prevent addictions related to the overuse of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

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