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Misdemeanor and Municipal Crimes Attorney

A misdemeanor is a violation which generally results in fines and/or imprisonment, and probation for up to one year. They’re considered to be less serious acts than those that have been designated felony crimes, although some acts can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the severity of the incident and the history of similar charges.

Similarly to felony charges in Oklahoma, there is no distinction of ranking between misdemeanor crimes. Because Oklahoma doesn’t rank misdemeanor offenses, each charge has its own penalties associated with it, which are usually decided by the State Legislature.

Some examples of misdemeanors in Oklahoma are writing bogus checks, petty larceny (up to $500), driving under suspension, domestic abuse, and DUI/DWI. Some of the most common misdemeanor charges in Tulsa are domestic assault and battery, DUI/DWI, and possession of controlled substances.

Municipal Crimes Attorney

Municipal crimes are infractions of a city (municipal) ordinance and are the least serious of criminal acts. They’re often traffic and parking violations, code violations for health, fire, and zoning, and even DUI/DWI for first offenses, although one can be jailed for municipal offenses, an offender is usually fined.

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