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The Social Security Disability application process can be confusing and frustrating. Our attorneys have years of experience handling cases just like yours and receiving positive judgments. Let us take away the confusion and frustration.

There are two Social Security Disability benefits programs:

1.   Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for those that have worked and paid enough into the Social Security System to be considered covered by the insurance.

2.   Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program is for those who have not paid enough into the system over time but still find themselves in need of a safety net that Social Security provides.

Whether you believe you are eligible for one or the other, the process is the same. These programs are in place to help people who are unable to work for physical or mental reasons and are in need of an income to take care of their basic needs.


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We can help you to determine if you are eligible and help you in what could be a long and difficult process. Here you will find some valuable resources to help you not only to understand the Social Security process better but also to help you assess your situation.

To better understand the Social Security Disability Process, you can read our Social Security Disability Listings or our frequently asked questions. If you want to find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability, take our quick evaluation.

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