Preparing for a Social Security Disability hearing

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If you are suffering from a serious disability, you know that the Social Security Disability Insurance application process is a long complex, physically and emotionally draining process. For many Americans, their Social Security Disability Insurance benefit will be their only source of support that is needed to manage their everyday lives, so the stress of not knowing the status of their application, or when and if they will be approved for SSDI can prove to be frustrating and overwhelming. Will I lose my house? How will I provide food for my family? What about my children? These are just a few of the scores of questions that an applicant might be asking themselves.

The Law Office of Jones Brown will guide you through the treacherous waters of the Social Security Administration. Jones Brown’s staff and a team of attorneys will take the pressure off, and provide you with the assistance and representation that will get you the results you so desperately need. Attorney Eric Brown has a proven track record of success with Social Security claims and he has a few tips for you that will increase your chances of success at your Social Security Disability hearing.


Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Insurance Hearing:

Preparing for a Social Security Disability Hearing


  • Working May Disqualify You: You should know that you are automatically disqualified from collecting any Social Security Disability Insurance benefits if your income exceeds a certain amount. If you are working and supporting yourself then you should not need benefits right? You will learn that there it may be possible for you to work a low-paying job that is consistent with your disability, but you should consult with attorney Eric Brown, with  Jones Brown about the specifics of your situation.
  • Provide Any New Medical Records:  The process of obtaining the status of being “disabled” and receiving benefits can and will take time. As you know, it is of utmost importance that you provide and submit any and all detailed relevant medical evidence with your application and before your hearing. If there has been ANY change in your medical treatment or information prior to your hearing, you will want to work closely with attorney Eric Brown to prepare these documents correctly.
  • Patience Is A Virtue: At this point, you are fully aware of just how time-consuming the Social Security Disability Insurance process can be. You have the pressures of managing your disability and your expenses while your application is being processed, medical evidence is collected, hearing dates are set and confirmed. It could take a year or more for your application to be approved, therefore you and your family must be prepared for this.
  • Be Prepared for Questioning: You must be properly prepared for questioning during your Social Security Disability Insurance hearing, and attorney Eric Brown has the experience and knowledge to get you ready for any and all questions that may arise. Eric will work with you and have you practice answering questions calmly, effectively and accurately, and at the same time preparing you to answer any questions about any weak points of your case.
  • Show the Judge Respect: There will be a Judge that hears the particulars of your case, and he or she will be the ultimate decision maker concerning your Social Security Disability Insurance status. Show the Judge respect and the legal process that he or she must abide by. Show up early, dress to impress, speak politely and make sure that all your cell phones and tablets are silenced. Be assured that if you respect the Judge and the process, they will respect you in return.
  • Honesty is Always the Best Policy: During the hearing, you may be tempted to stretch the truth a little bit in order to gain sympathy and favor from the Judge. Dishonesty will NOT make your case stronger. Keep in mind that the Judge deciding your case has more than likely been through hundreds, possibly thousands of disability hearings. These Judges are experts at spotting inconsistency and dishonesty and they will not be amused or tolerate any deception, embellishment or shenanigans during their hearing. To put it simply and clearly- for your own benefit, keep your answers and statements honest, truthful and brief.  Do not answer questions that have not been asked.
  • Hire Attorney Eric Brown and The Law Offices of Jones Brown: Every year 75% of all Social Security Disability Insurance applications are rejected. Receiving benefits takes a lot more than a couple of X-Ray’s and your testimony. You must be prepared to make your way through a long and complex process that requires you to meet multiple, specific legal requirements. You must hire a proven Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer.
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This is not a process we at the Law Office of Jones Brown want you to face alone.  Experienced and professional Attorney Eric Brown and his excellent support staff are waiting to help you and your family with any and all questions that you may have. He can help you to determine if you are eligible and help you in what could be a long and difficult process. Here you will find some valuable resources to help you not only to understand the Social Security process better but also to help you assess your situation. To better understand the Social Security Disability Process, you can review our explanation of the Social Security Disability Listings or our frequently asked questions. If you want to find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability, take our quick evaluation.

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