Protective Order Expungement Attorney

Expunge your Protective Order

Commonly called a Restraining Order

A Victim Protective Order (VPO) expungement is the process the court uses to seal records from a specific case. This allows the defendant to deny the Victim Protective Order incident ever occurred. Once the VPO expungement is complete, online records will be removed and the physical records at the courthouse are sealed and cannot be viewed without a court order.

You may qualify for a VPO expungement if: (per 22 O.S. §60.18(A))

  1. An ex parte order was issued to the plaintiff but later terminated due to dismissal of the petition before the full hearing, or denial of the petition upon full hearing, or failure of the plaintiff to appear for full hearing, and at least ninety (90) days have passed since the date set for full hearing;
  2. The plaintiff filed an application for a victim protective order and failed to appear for the full hearing and at least ninety (90) days have passed since the date last set by the court for the full hearing, including the last date set for any continuance, postponement or rescheduling of the hearing;
  3. The plaintiff or defendant has had the order vacated and three (3) years have passed since the order to vacate was entered; or
  4. The plaintiff or defendant is deceased.

The Plaintiff and the District Attorney must be notified of the expungement. They may object, and could possibly stop an expungement from happening.

We charge as low as $750 per case to be sealed. This fee includes court filing fees and standard notice costs. Do you think you qualify for a VPO expungement? Take our quick evaluation:

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