Social Security and Our Wounded-Warriors

The Social Security Insurance (SSI) program is a safety net for the disabled and elderly among us. This also applies to our veterans who were wounded while protecting our country and are no longer capable of functioning in a work environment. These veterans are put on the fast-track program in receiving (SSI) Benefits through filing a Wounded-Warriors (SSI) application.

This program allows for a Wounded Warrior’s (SSI) application to go through within 90 days instead of 2 years which is generally the case of a non-military claimant.  Whether you qualify for this fast-track program or not depends on your specific circumstances. The important questions that will be asked are:

– Was your disabling injury service-related?
– When did this disabling injury render you incapable of working?

However, they do not need to know where the disabling injury took place.

According to the Social Security Administration’s website, questions of active-duty status or even whether or not the claimant receives military pay will not necessarily prevent a Wounded-Warrior from receiving (SSI) benefits. There are some offsetting factors which may come into play when you are eligible for both Veteran’s Disability Insurance Benefits and SSI. It is not clear just how much and under what circumstances these off-sets would take place.

The point is that you should look into applying for Social Security Disability as a Wounded-Veteran even if you already receive disability through the Veteran’s Administration.

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