Jones Brown PLLC: Working for the Victims of Violent Crime




Victims of crime have rights and require legal advocacy to protect their interests.   Immediately after a tragic event, a victim is focused on their recovery, as they should. The law office of Jones Brown is committed to helping these victims make sure they are aware of all opportunities and avenues for their recovery such as:

  • Community resources
  • Victims compensation funds
  • Recovery, protection, and compensation through the courts’ system
  • Victims of crimes such as rape, sexual assault, armed robbery, molestation, murder and other violent crimes, together with their friends and family each have a long road ahead of them to put this matter behind them.

While nothing can ever erase the memories of a trauma, the nationwide network of attorneys at the law offices of JonesBrown are proud to assist and advocate for every one of our clients as they go through their recovery from the emotional, physical and economic hardships created by violent crime.

We commit our practice to in helping victims of crimes to:

  1. Provide resources to overcome the hardships created by violent crime.   This may include access to medical providers, mental health treatment, obtaining court issued restraining or protective orders, access to victim’s compensation funds, community support resources providing food, clothing or shelter.
  2. Investigating the specifics of the event to identify property owners and force them to make their property safe for their guests and customers.
  3. Providing legal support, often at no charge, and information to victims and their advocates who may not have regular access to legal counsel.

We encourage victim advocates to contact us regarding questions about or issues with victims’ rights or other legal issues affecting their clients.

The nationwide network of experienced lawyers at JonesBrown have successfully recovered compensation on behalf of victims of crime as a result of a failure others to protect against known dangers or provide adequate protection or security.

Nightclubs, bars and event facilities – fights, beatings, armed assaults and sexual-based crimes frequently occur inside and in outside of bars, resulting in serious injury to the target of the attack or innocent bystanders. Too often, the venues are understaffed or lack a comprehensive security plan or adequate security protocols to guard against common occurrences.

Venues serving liquor –  Intoxicated patrons and their guests can cause drunken assaults, DUI accidents an engage in other violent behavior.   Venues serving liquor are accountable under “dram shop” liability for injuries resulting from over-serving, serving to minors or failing to bounce an unruly drunk before a tragedy occurs or properly ensure that an intoxicated person can get home safely.

Commercial property such as office buildings, apartments and housing complexes – All landlords have a duty to keep tenants and guests safe, usually with a secured entry, lighting and other security measures. Many serious crimes could have been prevented if the property owner was diligent in their obligation to secure their premises and protect visitors, especially after hours.

Hotels and resorts — Under the law, the owner and operator of public places have a duty to protect guests, invitees and students by monitoring and securing their premises. Failing to take appropriate measures to deter criminal activity opens the owners and management of liability.

Shopping malls, parking lots, schools, and other public places — Owners and operators of retail properties and public places who know that criminal activity is regularly occurring on their premises but fail to implement policies or upgrade their security systems breach their duty to those on their premises and subject themselves to potential criminal and/or civil liability.

Banks, ATM’s and financial institutions — As prime targets for robbery, these locations must and have and follow comprehensive security plans to protect their customers and employees as much as reasonably possible from an armed robber or similar violent action

Security companies — The point of hiring a security firm and their personnel is to protect people against violence. When an attack occurs because of inadequate staffing or training, failure of security equipment or other negligence, those entities and their contractors are liable for injuries.


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